Worry Doll Craft Kit

Craft Kits for Ages 7 - 10 - Worry Doll

Arts and Crafts Kits for Ages 7 – 10 No More Worries with Worry Doll Craft Kits! According to Guatemalan legend, children would tell their worries to tiny dolls at bedtime, then place the dolls near their pillow. By morning, the dolls would have chased their worries away. Easy-to-make project introduces your child to crafts from other cultures.

  • Includes mini clothespins, embroidery floss in assorted colors.
  • Construction paper, toothpicks,and non-toxic tacky glue.
  • Instructions in English and Spanish.
  • Size: 1/2″ x 1″ x 3″.
Recommended Ages: 7 years and up
Project / Assembly Time: 30 min