Tin foil and Permanent Marker Abstract Art

My boys made these during summer art camp and I thought they were so simple, but looked so complicated that I wanted to share the idea with you. The crumpled tin foil adds such an interesting three dimensional backdrop for your child’s simple abstract art. It has a real “Wow” factor!


• Cardboard

• Mylar plastic sheet (used for overhead presentations)

• Permanent markers or sharpies

• Stapler

• Tin foil


1. Tear a sheet of tin foil a couple of inches larger than the sheet of cardboard and crumple up.

2. Uncrumple the tin foil and place over the piece of cardboard and secure in place with stapler.

3. Draw a design or picture on the sheet of plastic using permanent markers.

4. Staple over the tinfoil.


Tin foil is special in itself. It has it’s own magic because it will take the shape of whatever is pressed against it. Give each child a piece of foil. Go for a walk and find different things for them to rub foil over. How does it look? Is the sidewalk as interesting to rub as tree bark? How is the texture? Can it be resused?