Stained Glass Butterfly Craft

These stained glass butterflies look pretty colored with permanent markers and hung in a window where the sun can make them sparkle.


Kraftykid Stained Glass Butterfly template

• Clear Acetate 8.5 x 11 Transparency

• Permanent Markers

• Hole puncher

• String


1. Print the Kraftykid Stained Glass Butterfly template and cut out all pieces. HINT: There will be two butterflies per page. You just need one butterfly per project.

2. Color inside the black lines with permanent markers.

3. Punch a hole in the top.

4. Insert string or ribbon and hang in a window.


Instead of markers use cut up squares of tissue paper and glue to the back of the template.  Hang up in a window.


Play a butterfly matching game. The purpose is to help children see different kinds of butterflies plus work on their memory skills. Using a science book or from pictures from the internet, print off full size pictures of butterflies in color. Glue these pictures onto construction paper for durability. Cut the pictures in half across the middle of the butterfly. Put ½ of the pics right side up on a table. Put the other half in a box. Have the children take turns picking out of the box and matching the halves. Have as many different types of butterflies as you can!