Parrot Toilet Paper Roll Puppet Craft

Rumor has it that toilet paper rolls are here to stay! Good thing, too. What would happen to all of these cool toilet paper roll crafts? This parrot is bold, bright, and colorful – just like our preschoolers! The more colorful, the better so make sure to add lots of primary color feathers and paint the toilet paper roll green, red or blue! Kids will like to play with them as a puppet by inserting their fingers into the roll. Cawww.. Caww…..Polly wants a cracker!


Kraftykid Colorful Parrot Puppet template

• Toilet paper roll (empty)

• Glue

• Paint and paintbrush

• Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

• Feathers


• Paint the toilet paper roll and let dry.

• Print the Kraftykid Colorful Parrot Puppet template and cut out all pieces.

• Color the wings.

• Attach wings to the toilet paper roll and fold the wings if desired.

• Attach the head to the top of the roll.

• Glue feathers where desired.

• Let dry.

• Insert fingers into the roll and use as a puppet.


Playing “parrot” is a great way to work on table manners. Set up the snack table with a snack in the middle, drinks in small pitchers (that small hands can pour), use nice napkins (this can be colored napkins instead of paper towel) and use this time for children to mimic what to do. For example: “Please pass the cookies”, now the next child will say this as another passes. “Thank you” and they copy and say “thank you”. You can parrot all sorts of things such as boys pulling chairs out for girls, waiting until all are served, etc. Kids love to play parrot. It is ok to add some silly things while playing parrot too.