Outerspace Rocket Photo Craft

Did you know that August 24th celebrates Pluto Demoted Day? Although, I’m sure Pluto is none too pleased about the change of events and doesn’t find it a day to celebrate! Here is an adorable outer space craft that you can print and insert each child’s headshot inside the rocket for an out of this world craft that’s personalized.


Kraftykid Outer Space Rocket Photo Craft template

• Headshot of each child

• Glue


1. Print the Kraftykid Outer Space Rocket Photo Craft template onto good quality printer paper.

2. Make a silhouette from each child’s headshot by carefully cutting around the perimeter so just their head is left.

3. Insert and glue the silhouette inside of the rocket space ship.


We do not know much about outer-space but we do know how things evolve. Do the following dinosaur egg science project with your kids. It will take awhile to complete but what great discussion and learning that will take place!

Place a hard-boiled egg into vinegar for several weeks. Every few days, remove the egg and let children feel it. After a few weeks, the egg loses its calcium and becomes soft and leathery. Let children feel the egg again and explain that this is how real dinosaur eggs might have felt.