Little Chick Necklace Craft

These necklaces are great fun to make and it’s an easy craft for preschoolers and allows them to work on their motor skills. We made a cute little chick necklace in the spirit of Spring, but you could make them out of any type of shape. We’ll be making little white and black Scotties next month, so be on the lookout!


Kraftykid little chick necklace template

• Scissors

• Hole puncher

• String or plastic cord

• Straws


1. Print out the Kraftykid little chick necklace template.

2. Cut out the birds.

3. Punch holes using the hole puncher about 1 inch down from where the head meets the body.

4. Cut the straws into 1 to 1 ½ inch pieces.

5. Thread one piece of the straw onto the cord and tie into a knot to keep the string secure and the pieces don’t fall off.

6. Complete the necklace by threading, a bird, a piece of straw, a bird, straw, ect. until you complete the necklace.

7. Tie securely when finished. Cute, right?