Lightning Bug in Jar Craft

This is a great summer time craft since lightning bugs should be plentiful. And it’s so easy to collect fireflies, when all you need to do is cut them out from the template and glue them inside the jar. Use fluorescence yellow paint and press on the yellow portion of the bug and they’ll even glow in the dark, just like the real deal. Count them to see how many you have!


Kraftykid Lightning Bug in Jar template

• Fluorescence Yellow Paint or ink pad

• Scissors

• Glue


1. Print out the Kraftykid Lightning Bug in Jar template and cut out all the pieces.

2. Glue the lightning bugs inside the jar.

3. Press children’s thumbs into the yellow paint or ink pad and press onto the yellow portion (the light) for each bug.

4. They’ll glow in the dark if you use floresant paint!


Lighting bugs have a special magic because they light up when it is dark. How about we create a special note for mom and dad with invisible ink that they can read even when nobody else can? Here is the recipe for invisible ink. The kids will love making the message and that it only shows up with certain light! Make sure they write their message on white paper:

Supplies: Lemon juice, bowl, paint brushes, paper

1. Pour about 2oz of lemon juice in a bowl

2. With a paint brush, write the message on the paper

3. Allow to dry THOROUGHLY

4. Turn on a lamp (Helps if shade is off) and allow about 2 minutes for bulb to get hot. Move the message side to side to get the warm on the paper. Enjoy your message!

**It is the citric acid that turns brown when read and getting a bit warm. This can work with limes or oranges but lemons stay “more invisible”.