Kaleidoscope Craft Kit

Craft Kits for Ages 7 - 10 - Kaleidoscope CraftArts and Craft Kits for Ages 7 – 10. Kaleidoscope Craft Kit is Simple to Make, Fun to Decorate! Simple tube rotation tube makes spectacular patterns. One of the most magical and relaxing visual toys ever! The simple rotation of the kaleidoscope tube makes an infinite series of spectacular colored patterns. Young and old alike are fascinated by the light color action! Ultra simple, ultra safe… no glass to worry about.

  • Kit includes two lengths of cardboard tubes and discs
  • Vinyl circles, tape, beads, and silver acetate.
  • FREE KraftyKid “DID YOU KNOW?” fun fact sheet with instructions.
  • Paint and markers included.
Recommended Ages: 7 years and up
Project / Assembly Time: 60 min

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