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Giraffe Bubble Wrap Painting Craft

Last month we experimented with bubble wrap and the project was so much fun, we thought a bubbleprint giraffe would be great fun to try!  Then, we went bubbleprinting crazy and used it for a bubbleprint dalmation, bubbleprint leopard, and a bubbleprint horse too.  Finally, something to do with bubble wrap besides just popping them! Although, making a path out of bubble wrap and stomping on it is a fun way to spend fifteen minutes, too.

We added some brown yarn for the mane and tail and some small pompoms for the antenna and nose.  We also found some great zebra printed paper to use for the background to create a cute, safari theme.  You could also try adding some green leaves along the side of the paper to make it look like he’s having his lunch.

Kids really like to see how different items can be used for painting and then watching the results and bubble printing is a technique that kids are sure to like. Next, try making a rainbow using a sponge, painting with a comb to make wavy lines, sponge painting, and symmetical painting using napkins and markers.  All of these techniques teach children that art is fun and opens their minds to different possibilities.

This is a fun and easy craft to make for a safari-themed party or to make for school class when studying animals from Africa.


Kraftykid bubbleprint giraffe template

• Googley eyes

• Scissors

• Glue

• Brown paint

• Bubble wrap

• Construction paper

• Brown yarn


1. Print the Kraftykid bubbleprint giraffe template and cut out.

2. Dip the bubble wrap into brown paint and gently press on the giraffe to create spots.

3. Let dry.

4. Cut brown yarn into 1 inch pieces and glue to the giraffe’s neck and tail.

5. Glue the tail to the giraffe.

6. Glue googley eyes to the giraffe’s face.

7. Draw a mouth and nose.

8. Glue the giraffe to the construction paper.


Paper Plate Dalmation Craft

This craft uses lots of different crafting techniques for children.  Made from two different sized paper plates and decorated using bubble wrap dipped in black paint, the kids are sure to enjoy this fun craft. The Kraftykid template makes it easy to decorate and turn their project into an adorable dalmation puppy to celebrate National Puppy Day.

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