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Angry Bird Moveable Puppet

Kids are using video games earlier and earlier and Angry Birds seems to be one of their all time favorites.  Here is a Angry Bird puppet that they can make that will move.


1.   Print theKraftykid Angry Bird Moveable Puppet template and cut out the pieces (body, beak, eyes, eyebrows, tan circle, and legs.)

2.   Glue the pieces to look like the Angry Bird, (3 tail feathers, eyes, eyebrows at a slant, tan circle, and beak).

3.   Fasten the legs at the bottom of the bird’s body using the paper fasteners.

4.   Add red feathers at the crown of the head, if desired.

5.   Have the children move the bird’s legs side to side.

Heartfelt Owl Craft with Moveable Head Printable

Make an Owl From Hearts

I love this little owl project.  It’s made entirely from different sized hearts, from its head to its toes!  Using contrasting scrapbook paper makes it look even cuter.  But what’s really a hoot, is that by using a paper fastener to connect the beak to the body allows the owl’s head to move from side to side, just like the real deal!


  • Kraftykid heartfelt owl template
  • Construction paper or coordinating scrapbook paper
  • Googley eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Brad or paper fastener


  1. Print the Kraftykid heartfelt owl template and cut out the hearts.
  2. Paste the two largerst hearts together with the points facing out.
  3. Bring the top point down to form the beak.
  4. Fasten with paper fastener.
  5. Paste eyes and feet on.
  6. Add googley eyes.
  7. If desired add some feathers.

Write a message like, “Guess, WHOOO loves you?  I do!

Movable Crow Paper Puppet

Whimsical Paper Crow Puppet

This is such an adorable and fun Fall craft to make.  It’s a great classroom project for the kids to make and put their names on to decorate a bulletin board.  Use some burlap to decorate the background and some raffia.  They are great used to use as puppets and the kids will enjoy making the arms move up and down.

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