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Shark Paper Bag Puppet

This shark craft is sure to be a pleaser for the kids. What’s really interesting about this craft is that by cutting out a triangle for the mouth you get to reuse it for the fin! What a fun way to teach shapes to the kids. Triangle teeth and a triangle fin on the body. Maybe we should rename it the triangle fish, what do you think?


Kraftykid’s free, downloadable Shark template

• White envelope (business or legal size)

• Gray and black oil pastels

• Tape


1. Print the Kraftykid’s free, downloadable Shark template.

2. Cut the shark pieces (teeth, and small fin).

3. Color the envelope with gray pastel or crayon. Hint: If you can find gray legal envelopes you can have the kids skip this step.

4. Cut a triangle from one of the short edges to make the mouth.

5. Tape the triangle to the top as the fin.

6. Glue the teeth inside of the shark’s mouth.

7. Glue the small fin to the side of the shark.

8. Use the black pastel to draw an eye, eyebrow, and details for the fin.

9. Trim off the edge of the envelope opposite of the mouth, making an opening for your hand.

10. Put your hand in the puppet to make your shark move (watch your fingers of course. It is a shark after all ).


Mr. Potato Head Puppet

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