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Angel Cat Puppet

August 22 is Be an Angel Day. Not that YOUR kids aren’t angles EVERY day, right? This popsicle puppet is a cute take on angels, since it’s an angel kitten. Animals can be angels too!

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Build a Scarecrow Craft

Did you know that July 1st is Build a Scarecrow Day?  We know it’s not Fall, but it is Build a Scarecrow Day, so let’s be silly and get our seasons mixed up and build a scarecrow in summer.  We have a little pattern to make the clothes for your scarecrow too, to make it easy for your kids. Just print, color, and glue onto a craft stick.  Have children draw a silly face.

  • Craft stick
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Raffia, if desired
  • Markers (for face)
  • Instructions:
  1. Print the Kraftykid Build a Scarecrow Clothes template
  2. Cut out clothes and have children color with their crayons.
  3. Glue to the front of the craft stick.
  4. Draw a face with the markers.
  5. Glue raffia to the scarecrow if desired.
  6. Write their name in black permanent marker and don’t forget to add the date!

Groundhog Shadow Puppets

Here is a fun craft for the kids to make to celebrate Groundhog Day.  Simple and easy, just the way we like it!

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Express Yourself Facial Expression Popsicle Puppets

This craft is fun way to teach children about different expressions as well as how people perceive you feel by the way your face looks.  Even though the hair, shape of the face, and ears are all the same, you can change your appearance by smiling, frowning, or being silly!


1.   Print the Kraftykid facial expression puppet template and cut out the different faces.

2.   Glue the face onto a craft stick and use as a puppet.

Alternatively, you can print out two copies and use as a matching game.

Animal Craft Stick Puppets

Make Zoo Animals Puppets with Popsicle Sticks

Try this fun and easy craft puppet craft with your kids.  Kraftykid’s free, downloadable animal template has over twenty different animal faces, from panda bears to rhinos. 

Children will get to practice their cutting and gluing skills while learning more about wild animals. There are lots of variations to do with this craft. We opted to decorate popsicle sticks with a tiger print and make a tiger popsicle puppet. You can make two copies and glue onto cardstock and use for memory games too.

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Tha Chi Tiger Stick Puppet Craft

Tiger Craft Stick Puppets are Easy to Make

This is an easy craft for kids to make at martial arts parties, sports parties, or special Friday night events for martial arts school owners.  There are lots of variations to do with this craft.  We opted to decorate the popsickle stick like a tiger print and make a tiger pop sickle puppet.  You can paste the tiger onto a paper bag to make a paper bag puppet too. 

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