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Bunny Rabbit Paper Plate Craft

Paper plate crafts are some of the schools favorites! They’re easy and inexpensive to boot. Here’s one for a cute rabbit. Use the Kraftykid paper plate bunny template and glue on the arms, ears, and feet, or for a bigger challenge, children can draw and make their own arms, legs, ect. and will make a good open ended art project.


Kraftykid Bunny Paper Plate template

• Glue

• Scissors

• Pompoms

• Chenille Stems


1. Lay your project pieces on a clean flat work area.

2. Take one large paper plate and one small paper plate and glue them together on the edges (see illustrations). Let dry.

3. Print the Kraftykid Bunny Paper Plate template and cut out all pieces.

4. Follow the illustrations for placement. Glue down the construction paper shapes and let dry.

5. Take three pompons and two chenille stems and decorate your critter. Glue them in place and let dry.

6. Use scrap construction paper to create other accessories for your critter.

7. HELPFUL HINTS: When gluing down parts you may want to use a heavy book as a weight.


Bunnies have big ears and can hear lots of things. How good are our ears? What experiment can we try? How about an old fashioned walkie-talkie!

Supplies: 2 plastic disposable cups and a long piece of string

• Put the kids in partners

• Make a split in each cup and have the string through each one then knot.

• The kids should spread apart and talk to each other through their new walkie-talkie. While one is taking in the cup the other is listening!


Mr. Marshmallow Head Craft

August celebrates National Toasted Marshmallow Day and this craft is a great choice to celebrate the day. This craft is a take on Mr. Potato Head, but is Mr. Marshmallow Head and oh so much more yummy! Kraftykid’s template has hats, scarf, and eye accessories to dress your marshmallow in style. Just have children draw a face of their choice for added fun. The only white mess they’ll have on their fingers, will be some glue. Marshmallows without the sugar rush!

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Tin foil and Permanent Marker Abstract Art

My boys made these during summer art camp and I thought they were so simple, but looked so complicated that I wanted to share the idea with you. The crumpled tin foil adds such an interesting three dimensional backdrop for your child’s simple abstract art. It has a real “Wow” factor!

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Parrot Toilet Paper Roll Puppet Craft

Rumor has it that toilet paper rolls are here to stay! Good thing, too. What would happen to all of these cool toilet paper roll crafts? This parrot is bold, bright, and colorful – just like our preschoolers! The more colorful, the better so make sure to add lots of primary color feathers and paint the toilet paper roll green, red or blue! Kids will like to play with them as a puppet by inserting their fingers into the roll. Cawww.. Caww…..Polly wants a cracker!

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Outerspace Rocket Photo Craft

Did you know that August 24th celebrates Pluto Demoted Day? Although, I’m sure Pluto is none too pleased about the change of events and doesn’t find it a day to celebrate! Here is an adorable outer space craft that you can print and insert each child’s headshot inside the rocket for an out of this world craft that’s personalized.

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Stained Glass Butterfly Craft

These stained glass butterflies look pretty colored with permanent markers and hung in a window where the sun can make them sparkle.

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Angel Cat Puppet

August 22 is Be an Angel Day. Not that YOUR kids aren’t angles EVERY day, right? This popsicle puppet is a cute take on angels, since it’s an angel kitten. Animals can be angels too!

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My Hands Poem

This “My Hands” poem has been around for ages. I’m not sure who the original author is, but you’ve probably made it when you were in preschool! Why change a great thing? They’re sure to be a big hit with the parents and the kids will love making them! Whenever, my kids made handprint crafts in school, they’d come home with huge smiles and say, “This is going to make you cry!!!!!!” and of course they did! This template has small children’s handprints along the border for an added effect.

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Lightning Bug in Jar Craft

This is a great summer time craft since lightning bugs should be plentiful. And it’s so easy to collect fireflies, when all you need to do is cut them out from the template and glue them inside the jar. Use fluorescence yellow paint and press on the yellow portion of the bug and they’ll even glow in the dark, just like the real deal. Count them to see how many you have!

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Best Friend Fish Craft

August 15 is Best Friend Day and although we love our friends all year long, this day is our special way of letting our friends know how much we care. Of course, remind the children that we’re all friends!

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