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Weather Mobile Craft

Do you have a budding meteorologist in the class? This craft project is a good way to teach children all about the weather outside. Combine with a walk outside to discover and talk about the weather of the day. Keep a chart all week, then make this fun weather mobile that they can hang in their rooms.


Kraftykid weather mobile template

• Yarn

• Scissors

• Wire clothes hanger

• Cardboard paper towel roll

• Paper hole punch

• Paints

• Scissors


1. Print the free, downloadable Kraftykid weather mobile template, 2 per child.

2. Cut out all of the shapes. You will have two of each picture.

3. Cut a long slit all the way down the cardboard roll and punch holes about 1inch deep from the edge, spaced about 1 1/2 inches apart so that you have six holes.

4. Paint the roll and let dry.

5. Cut 6 pieces of yarn in varied lengths.

6. Knot each piece of yarn several times so that the knot is bigger than the punched hole.

7. Pull each piece of yarn through a hole in the roll so that the knot keeps the yarn in place.

8. Slide the roll onto the clotheshanger and twist it so the holes are at the bottom.

9. Glue the piece of yarn between the two matching pictures.


Snowflake Suncatcher

My children love to make suncatcher crafts from tissue paper. I think it’s because they look so pretty when the sun hits them and makes their efforts pay off, in a big way.

Here’s a really cute one using a snowflake template.

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Snowman Juice Box Craft

This craft is fun way to teach children about reusing objects to make new objects.  Turn an empty juice box into a cute snowman!

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Cup of Hot Chocolate Craft

This craft is a great choice to make on a snowy, wintery day.  Then make the real deal so the kids can enjoy a cup of real hot chocolate to go along with their craft.

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Groundhog Shadow Puppets

Here is a fun craft for the kids to make to celebrate Groundhog Day.  Simple and easy, just the way we like it!

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Pair of Mittens Craft

Mitten crafts are so cute and this one is no exception.  The kids will love connecting their red mittens with yarn.  Guess, what, kids?  Now they can’t get lost!

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Gingerbread Snowman Card

This is a cute gingerbread snowman card to make complete with matching gingerbread fonts.  Why not make some gingerbread cookies, too!

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Envelope Dreidel Craft

You won’t be able to spin this dreidel, but it makes a really cute card using leftover envelopes.  This is a good recycling craft showing children that instead of throwing away an envelope, you can keep them and reuse them into fun craft projects.

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Reindeer Photo Ornament

Kids love reindeer and pictures of themselves and this craft combines both.  Watch their smiles as they see themselves inside of the reindeer. Plus it’s really easy to make with this template.  It looks like you’ve fastened them together, but shhh…. you haven’t!

Hang them around the room for a classroom decoration.

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Paper Poinsettia Craft

These Paper Poinsettia Flowers are so easy to make and turn out really cute.  They make a great cutting exercise for little children and look really pretty when hung up around the room for the Winter holiday or placed on the Christmas tree as ornaments. They also make pretty and attractive gift tags for the children to use when making and wrapping holiday presents. Our template is for 3 1/2 inch petals but you can make them as large or as small as you need.  You could even make them small enough to use as pencil toppers.

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