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Owl and Moon Mobile

This easy to make owl and moon mobile is a hoot to make and an easy and appropriate craft theme to celebrate Moon Day! Be prepared to answer this question: Why does the Moon sometimes come out during the day? . Here’s the answer from David Palmer and Tim Kallman, from the Ask an Astrophysicist team.

 The Answer

You can see the Moon in the daytime because it is big and brightly lit by the Sun. The surface of the Moon is about as reflective as an asphalt road–rather dark but not totally black. When you look at the Moon, you are seeing the light which reflects off it. This is not nearly as bright as the Sun, but it is up to 100,000 times as bright as the brightest nighttime star.

During the day, the brightness of the sky washes out the light from the stars: a region of the sky including a bright star is only very slightly brighter than a region of the sky without a bright star, so your eye cannot notice the difference. However, the region of the sky containing the Moon is much brighter, so you can see it. You can also sometimes see Venus during the day if the conditions are right and you know exactly where to look, but anything dimmer is lost.

It might be useful to think of the Sun as a large light bulb, and the moon as a large mirror. There are situations where we can’t see the light bulb, but we can see the light from the bulb reflected in the mirror. This is the situation when the moon is out at night. We can’t see the Sun directly because the earth is blocking our view of it, but we can see its light reflected from the moon. However, there are also situations where we can see both the light bulb and the mirror, and this is what is happening when we see the moon during the day. You can explore this for yourself with a light and a hand mirror. Depending on which way you face (away from the light or sideways to the light) you can see either just the mirror, or both the light and the mirror.


• Scissors

• Glue or tape

Kraftykid Owl and Moon Mobile template

• Hole puncher

• String


1. Print the Kraftykid Owl and Moon Mobile template and cut out all pieces.

2. Glue the owl to the moon using the sample as a guide.

3. Punch a hole in the top of the moon and insert a string for hanging (around 18 inches) and tie in a knot.

4. Glue the word “hoot” to the circle with the owl on it, following the sample as a guide.

5. Attach a string about 6” to the back of the moon with tape or glue.

6. Attach the string to the back of the circle, so that the decorative owl circle is dangling from the moon.

7. Hang up for all to see.


Build a Scarecrow Craft

Did you know that July 1st is Build a Scarecrow Day?  We know it’s not Fall, but it is Build a Scarecrow Day, so let’s be silly and get our seasons mixed up and build a scarecrow in summer.  We have a little pattern to make the clothes for your scarecrow too, to make it easy for your kids. Just print, color, and glue onto a craft stick.  Have children draw a silly face.

  • Craft stick
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Raffia, if desired
  • Markers (for face)
  • Instructions:
  1. Print the Kraftykid Build a Scarecrow Clothes template
  2. Cut out clothes and have children color with their crayons.
  3. Glue to the front of the craft stick.
  4. Draw a face with the markers.
  5. Glue raffia to the scarecrow if desired.
  6. Write their name in black permanent marker and don’t forget to add the date!

Weather Mobile Craft

Do you have a budding meteorologist in the class? This craft project is a good way to teach children all about the weather outside. Combine with a walk outside to discover and talk about the weather of the day. Keep a chart all week, then make this fun weather mobile that they can hang in their rooms.


Kraftykid weather mobile template

• Yarn

• Scissors

• Wire clothes hanger

• Cardboard paper towel roll

• Paper hole punch

• Paints

• Scissors


1. Print the free, downloadable Kraftykid weather mobile template, 2 per child.

2. Cut out all of the shapes. You will have two of each picture.

3. Cut a long slit all the way down the cardboard roll and punch holes about 1inch deep from the edge, spaced about 1 1/2 inches apart so that you have six holes.

4. Paint the roll and let dry.

5. Cut 6 pieces of yarn in varied lengths.

6. Knot each piece of yarn several times so that the knot is bigger than the punched hole.

7. Pull each piece of yarn through a hole in the roll so that the knot keeps the yarn in place.

8. Slide the roll onto the clotheshanger and twist it so the holes are at the bottom.

9. Glue the piece of yarn between the two matching pictures.


Indian Corn Jewelry

All the kids love to make necklaces and this necklace made from Indian corn looks like polished stone!  Because you will need to help with the stringing with a needle, you can also opt to make necklaces from different shapes and sizes of macaroni.

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Fall Handprint Tree with Fingerprint Leaves Craft

Handprint Keepsake Craft Project

Handprint and thumbprint crafts are some of my favorites because they become real keepsake crafts for the family or are great ‘giveaway’ gifts to relatives. You’ve got to love a craft that combines both!

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Tissue Paper Corn on the Cob Craft

Tissue Paper Craft Improves Hand Dexterity Skills for Preschoolers

Tissue Paper crafts are great crafts to use with preschoolers.  They aren’t too messy and it takes a while to form little balls of tissue paper and glue to the paper.  It’s also a good way for them to practice hand dexterity skills while creating nice, three dimensional results. This particular craft is a good example of abstract art.

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Movable Crow Paper Puppet

Whimsical Paper Crow Puppet

This is such an adorable and fun Fall craft to make.  It’s a great classroom project for the kids to make and put their names on to decorate a bulletin board.  Use some burlap to decorate the background and some raffia.  They are great used to use as puppets and the kids will enjoy making the arms move up and down.

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Apple Craft from Recycled Booklet

Make your own Fall Apple Centerpiece

Recycle an old pamplet, magazine, or booklet into a cute apple that you can use as a centerpiece for your Fall table.

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