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Stuffed Baby Animals Coloring Book

Here’s a cute, little coloring booklet full of baby animals, preschoolers favorites. Baby elephants, hippos, tigers, and more, this book will keep them busy coloring for hours. Just print and color and reinforce learning the names of all of the kid’s favorite animals. Make sure you “roar like a lion”, “baa like a lamb”, “walk like a penguin” and more. This is also a good craft that they can take home and share with their family.

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Turtle Coloring Page

Here’s a simple to color turtle page. If you are putting together a bulletin board theme for the month, the turtle is a great addition to yesterday’s Fun at the Pond theme. This turtle is sure to make a great friend to the bullfrog project the kids made yesterday. Alternatively, you can tear some green paper into squares and create a mosaic project if time permits.

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Fun Bug Eye Craft

This is such an adorable craft to make for National Different Colored Eye Day. Have the children color the bug’s eyes any color they want. They can match their own eye color or choose their favorite color. Make sure to teach the children that some very lucky people have two different colored eyes. How special is that?


Kraftykid’s Fun Bug Eye Craft template

• Markers, colored pencils or crayons


1. Print the Kraftykid’s Fun Bug Eye Craft template.

2. Color the bug’s eyes any colors you want. Compare with your own eyes and your classmates’ eyes.


Outer Space Drawing

This craft combines painting, drawing and assemblying techniques for children. Using bold, colorful paints, markers, and crayons really makes the picture ‘pop.’ You can use the Kraftykid template and have children cut and paste or better yet, have them make their own.


Kraftykid Outer Space Drawing template

• Scissors

• Glue

• White Construction paper

• Sponge

• Gray paint

• Bold colorful paints, markers or crayons

• Black permanent marker

• 3-D dots


1. Print out the Kraftykid Outer Space Drawing template and cut out the pieces.

2. Have children color the images with their bold paints, marker, or crayons. Or alternatively, have children make and draw their own rockets, planets, and stars.

3. With gray paint, sponge the white construction paper to give a mottled effect for the sky.

4. Glue the decorated pieces onto the ‘sky’ using 3-d dots to give them a multi-dimensional effect.


Superhero Emblem Craft

Does your superhero have an emblem or crest? 

If not, try creating one of your own with our downloadable template.  They’re easy to decorate!  Just add some pictures and text.  You can put it on a superhero cape, mask, or even use for the cover of a shield.  I bet you can think of lots of good uses.  We created one called Catgirl.  What are you going to create?

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Alphabet Coloring Pages

Learn the Alphabet with Alphabet Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

 These coloring pages can be printed directly from your computer, and are great for teaching your youngster about the alphabet. Each page contains a letter to color and lines for practicing that letter. Use stickers, markers, or other embellishments to decorate them, and hang them up for display as a constant reminder of the letter of the week, day, or month. They are free, fun, and educational!

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Snake Coloring Page Craft (Printables)

Snake Coloring Page
Snake Coloring Page – This coloring page titled “Snake Oil” will help your children to understand about the Five Famous Animal Forms in Martial Arts.

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Crane Coloring Page (Printable)

Crane Coloring Page
Crane Coloring Page Craft – This Crane coloring page will help your children to understand about the Five Famous Animal Forms in Martial Arts.  Simply print and color.

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Dragon Coloring Page

Click here for Dragon Coloring Page

Dragon Breath Coloring Page – This coloring page titled “Dragon Breath” will help your children to understand about the Five Famous Animal Forms in Martial Arts.

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