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Mr. Marshmallow Head Craft

August celebrates National Toasted Marshmallow Day and this craft is a great choice to celebrate the day. This craft is a take on Mr. Potato Head, but is Mr. Marshmallow Head and oh so much more yummy! Kraftykid’s template has hats, scarf, and eye accessories to dress your marshmallow in style. Just have children draw a face of their choice for added fun. The only white mess they’ll have on their fingers, will be some glue. Marshmallows without the sugar rush!

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Count to Eight Spider Craft

August 1 is National Spiderman Day, so let’s make a spider to celebrate. This spider is great for preschoolers because he knows how to count to eight, one for each leg. He also likes to eat cupcakes too! Yum, this spider has good taste, doesn’t he?

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Animal Lacing Craft Printable

Lacing is an excellent activity for developing fine motor skills, improving hand-eye coordination and concentration, and keeping little kids happily amused! Use the Kraftykid animal lacing craft printables for lots of lacing fun. This is an inexpensive alternative to pricey lacing toys.


Kraftykid Animal Lacing Cards template

• Good printing paper

• Hole puncher

• Shoe lace or yarn

• Tape or white glue

• Needle or pipe cleaner (if desired)

• Laminator (if desired)


1. Print the Kraftykid Animal Lacing Cards template onto good printer paper and cut out the desired animals.

2. Laminate, and cut carefully around the edge (if desired).

3. Using a single hole punch, punch holes evenly around the edges, just inside the solid line, following the shape as much or as little as is appropriate for the age of your child: bear in mind that younger children might need a simplified outline, while older children will be able to lace a more complicated design.

4. Use a shoe lace or lengths of colored yarn with the ends strengthened either with sticky tape or white glue (PVA) to thread the shapes. Alternatively capture some wool inside a small piece of pipe cleaner and bend it to form a “needle”. Older children can use a large-eyed blunt needle and length of yarn.


Animal Zoo Memory Card Game

Children love memory games and this craft will allow them to create a craft that they can play with over and over again.  In fact, they’ll be creating memories with this fun to make memory game.

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Superhero Identity Form

Here’s a form to help you create your own superhero identity.

Craft Club of the Month - Super Hero Cape

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Thankful Turkey Activity Craft

Here’s a fun activity/craft to keep the kids busy this Thanksgiving and learn a little bit about what everyone is thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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Doodle Art Craft Activity (Printables)

Draw five doodles on a piece of paper, turn it this way, that way, upside down and rightside up. Finally, you’ll see a picture that you can create. What a fun activity that inspires creativity and promotes imagination and one that I personally LOVED as a child. We’d play it for hours. Kraftykid has created some sample pages to get you started.

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Connect the Dots Activity Game (Printable)

We all played it. We all loved it. Connect the Dots is a great classic paper and pencil game to play during long car rides, rainy days, waiting in the doctor’s office, or anywhere you need to capture your child’s attention for longer than five minutes (LOL).

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Alien Hangman Activity Game (Printable)

Here’s a variation on hangman that the kids just love to play. It’s a great activity for indoor play, long car rides, aftercare programs, and school programs. Play this two-player game to help children sharpen their spelling and word-decoding skills.

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