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Hotdog and Dauchsand Card

Make Your Own Hot Dog Card

Today is National Hot Dog Day. Try coloring this card with pastels or crayons and use it as a visual aid to explain to your kids that a dachshund is sometimes called a hot dog. Ask them if they know why. Yup, because it’s a similar shape. Can they think of any other things that look like different shapes, such as what can items can they name that look like a circle (moon, pizza, ect.). How about a rectangle? Look around in the classroom and see what they can find. Follow it up, with this silly little frankfurter joke:

Q: What did the Mama Hot Dog say to the little frankfurter?

A: Ketch-up

Make sure you let the kids know that eating hot dogs is no joking matter. They are one of the number one choking hazards for small children. Teach them that they need to chew carefully before swallowing!


Kraftykid Hot Dog Card template

• Pastels or crayons


• Print the Kraftykid Hot Dog Card template

• Color using pastels or crayons.



Kraftykid Moochas Gracias Cow Card

This card is a cute way for kids to say thanks to their favorite people! It’s also a good teaching tool to teach some Spanish and manners at the same time. Remember our bubble printing projects? If you want, you can have your kids paint on black or brown spots using bubble wrap for an additional challenge. Have children sign their cards with their handprints too!


Kraftykid Moochas Gracias Cow template

• Scissors

• Brown or black paint, if desired

• Bubblewrap, if desired

• Washable paint for handprints, if desired


1. Print out the Kraftykid Moochas Gracias Cow template.

2. Fold the card in half vertically, and then in half horizontally to create a quarter fold card.

3. Have your children think of someone they would like to thank and sign their name. It could be their teachers, bus driver, a neighbor, family member or friend.

4. If desired, add spots using brown and black paint. (Dip the bubblewrap into the desired color and gently press onto the cow in the desired spots.)

5. If desired, have your children paint their hand with washable paint and press their hand next to their name to make a print.


Gingerbread Snowman Card

This is a cute gingerbread snowman card to make complete with matching gingerbread fonts.  Why not make some gingerbread cookies, too!

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Child Artist Notecard Drawings Craft

 Notecards from Children’s Drawings Make Great Gifts

These are fun gifts for your children to make to bring home for the parents or to give as gifts.  My children have made and brought these home different times of the year and I LOVE receiving them..  Have the children draw pictures inside of the frame throughout the month when you have some free time. At the end of the month have them fold the drawings into cards, wrap with cellophane paper,  and tie with a decorative ribbon.  They will be so proud!

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Fourteen Carrot Bunny Easter Card


Here’s a simple card to make for Easter or to celebrate the arrival of Spring.  It will teach your child how to count all the way to fourteen as they paste their fourteen carrots.  It’s also a good way to explain how the same shape can be used in different ways and sizes to create a picture.  Maybe they can create their own design using just circles or triangles.

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Four Leaf Clover Valentine Craft

Easy to make four leaf clover craft makes a great valentine.  Kraftykid Printables make it easy as pie.  Have your child write some of the following St. Patrick Day sayings on each of the leaf .  It’s a great way to practice writing.

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Shamrock Lollipop Holder Craft

I love lollipop holder crafts and this shamrock one might be one of my favorites.  Of course, we’re going to use green lollipops when we make them for the class.  They’re easy to do, the kids love to make them, and of course the kids love to get them!  That’s a win, win, win!

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Karate Shirt Card Craft (Printable)

Martial Arts Party Invitation Craft (Printable)

Karate shirt card craft idea

This martial arts karate shirt card craft can be used for invitations to karate parties or makes a good craft for martial arts schools during a Friday Night Special Event. Our free downloadable pdf template makes it super easy for the kids to make.

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Father’s Day Dress Shirt Card Craft (Printable)

Father’s Day Card Printable – Dress Shirt with Tie and Hankerchief

This is such an adorable card and craft to make for Father’s Day. It’s fun to decorate any way you like. You can even make it just likeDad’s dress shirt with matching tie, pocket, and hankerchief.  Kraftykid’s Father’s Day Dress Shirt Accessory template includes a tie, buttons, pocket and hankerchief.  But you can use and glue real buttons and real fabric.  Remember, you can dress them up AND you can take them out this Father’s Day!

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Teacher Thank You Card (Printable)

Thanks Teach!  For a Job Well Done

Thank you teacher printable card

Do you need a cute thank you card to say good-bye to teachers and to thank them for taking such good care of your children all year long? Here’s a colorful and fun free printable end of school thank you card that your child can color and decorate themselves. These make nice last day of school cards that your child can give to their teachers as a special way to say goodbye, right from the heart.

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