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Stained Glass Butterfly Craft

These stained glass butterflies look pretty colored with permanent markers and hung in a window where the sun can make them sparkle.

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Lightning Bug in Jar Craft

This is a great summer time craft since lightning bugs should be plentiful. And it’s so easy to collect fireflies, when all you need to do is cut them out from the template and glue them inside the jar. Use fluorescence yellow paint and press on the yellow portion of the bug and they’ll even glow in the dark, just like the real deal. Count them to see how many you have!

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Count to Eight Spider Craft

August 1 is National Spiderman Day, so let’s make a spider to celebrate. This spider is great for preschoolers because he knows how to count to eight, one for each leg. He also likes to eat cupcakes too! Yum, this spider has good taste, doesn’t he?

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Fun Bug Eye Craft

This is such an adorable craft to make for National Different Colored Eye Day. Have the children color the bug’s eyes any color they want. They can match their own eye color or choose their favorite color. Make sure to teach the children that some very lucky people have two different colored eyes. How special is that?


Kraftykid’s Fun Bug Eye Craft template

• Markers, colored pencils or crayons


1. Print the Kraftykid’s Fun Bug Eye Craft template.

2. Color the bug’s eyes any colors you want. Compare with your own eyes and your classmates’ eyes.


Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly Craft

We know that caterpillars change into butterflies.  But this butterfly started out as an empty toilet paper roll.  Who knew? This is a great craft choice to teach preschoolers about reusing and recycling items.

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Bumblebee Craft

There’s no need to be afraid of these cute bees!  Kids will enjoy making these easy to assemble honeybees.

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Spider Photo Craft

Children’s Photo Hanging Spider Craft

Kids just love this Halloween spider craft. It’s fun to see themselves as a hanging spider. This is a perfect Halloween school craft. We made them in my son’s classroom and hung them in the hallway with spider webs. They loved it!

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