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Watermelon Frame Craft

August and watermelon, go hand in hand, don’t they? Our Kraftykid Watermelon Picture Frame template, makes a quick summertime craft for your kids.

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Tissue Paper Popcorn Pictures

Did you know that January 19th is National Popcorn Day?  The way that kids like popcorn it should be National Popcorn Month.  This is a fun project for kids because, well, it’s Popcorn! And, they also get to tear pieces of yellow tissue paper into small pieces which they love to do!


1.   Print out the Kraftykid popcorn bag template and cut out the popcorn bag.

2.   Glue the popcorn bag onto the piece of construction paper.

3.   Tear pieces of yellow tissue paper into small squares about 2 inches by 2 inches and create a pile for each child.

4.  Scrunch the tissue paper into a ball and glue onto the paper so that you fill up the popcorn bag with popcorn.

Indian Corn Jewelry

All the kids love to make necklaces and this necklace made from Indian corn looks like polished stone!  Because you will need to help with the stringing with a needle, you can also opt to make necklaces from different shapes and sizes of macaroni.

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Tissue Paper Corn on the Cob Craft

Tissue Paper Craft Improves Hand Dexterity Skills for Preschoolers

Tissue Paper crafts are great crafts to use with preschoolers.  They aren’t too messy and it takes a while to form little balls of tissue paper and glue to the paper.  It’s also a good way for them to practice hand dexterity skills while creating nice, three dimensional results. This particular craft is a good example of abstract art.

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Mr. Potato Head Puppet

Make Mr. Potato Puppet from a Paper Bag

All the kids love Mr. Potato Head and here is a great way for preschoolers to make a puppet and decorate it with different facial features to really ‘Express’ how they feel.

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Funny Children’s Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty Craft

The corucopia, or horn of plenty craft project is an easy kid’s craft and fun to make.  The cornucopia, or horn of plenty, is placed on the table to show the bounty of the fall harvest. As a result, fruits and vegetables adorn our holiday tables and symbolize the wealth of food for the coming year.

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Apple Wreath Craft Project

This fun and super easy craft will decorate your door or refrigerator this Fall.  What I like about this craft is that you can color the apples any colors you want:  red, green or yellow or keep them all one color. 

This open-ended craft is left up to you and your little artist.  You can use watercolor, crayon, chalk or paint.  This is a really great project for “do a dot” artists too!  Show us your projects so we can upload them onto Kraftykid’s artist gallery.  Mail at

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Apple Craft from Recycled Booklet

Make your own Fall Apple Centerpiece

Recycle an old pamplet, magazine, or booklet into a cute apple that you can use as a centerpiece for your Fall table.

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