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Kraftykid Moochas Gracias Cow Card

This card is a cute way for kids to say thanks to their favorite people! It’s also a good teaching tool to teach some Spanish and manners at the same time. Remember our bubble printing projects? If you want, you can have your kids paint on black or brown spots using bubble wrap for an additional challenge. Have children sign their cards with their handprints too!


Kraftykid Moochas Gracias Cow template

• Scissors

• Brown or black paint, if desired

• Bubblewrap, if desired

• Washable paint for handprints, if desired


1. Print out the Kraftykid Moochas Gracias Cow template.

2. Fold the card in half vertically, and then in half horizontally to create a quarter fold card.

3. Have your children think of someone they would like to thank and sign their name. It could be their teachers, bus driver, a neighbor, family member or friend.

4. If desired, add spots using brown and black paint. (Dip the bubblewrap into the desired color and gently press onto the cow in the desired spots.)

5. If desired, have your children paint their hand with washable paint and press their hand next to their name to make a print.


Cinco De Mayo Musical Shakers

Mexicans have a national holiday that is celebrated on the 5th of May, called Cinco De Mayo in memory of the battle fought between Mexico and France in 1862 when Mexico defended a fort in the town of Peubla and won this important battle. The battlefield is now a city park, with a statue of General Zaragoza on horseback.

Today, Cinco de Mayo continues to be celebrated with parades, dancing and specialty foods and is a fun holiday to celebrate with children to help teach diversity. We think these musical shakers are a great choice to tie in with this holiday while at the same time using a craft to help play music! The kids love to play music during their parade around the room.

You can make these shakers using and decorating empty toilet paper rolls, filling them with beans or macaroni, and shaking them to create music for your Cinco de Mayo classroom parade.



  1. Paint the empty toilet paper roll using the red, green, and yellow paint.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Print the Kraftykid Cinco De Mayo Pictures for the musical shaker.
  4. Cut out the pieces and glue to the painted toilet tissue roll.
  5. Fill with beans or macaroni.
  6. Tape or staple the ends of the roll.


Spring Seder Plate Craft

No Seder is complete without a special plate highlighting all of the Passover symbols:

Charoset, a delicious mixture of apples, walnuts, red wine, cinnamon and sugar, symbolizing the mortar used to build Pyramids in ancient Egypt Bitter herbs, usually horseradish, reminding us of the difficulties endured by our ancestors Greens (can be parsley, lettuce or celery), representing spring and a time of new beginnings an Egg, symbolizing the circle of life a Shankbone or neck of poultry, reminding us of the mighty arm of God.



  • One round plastic or sturdy paper plate
  • Five paper muffin cups
  • Craft glue
  • Glitter and stickers if desired
  1. Print the Kraftykid Seder template and cut out the circles to be used inside your muffins cups: Charoset, Bitter herbs, Greens, Egg and Shankbone.
  2. Glue the five cups around the perimeter of your plate using a small dab of white craft glue.
  3. Once the glue has set and the cups are securely fastened to the plate, glue your five circles inside the cups.
  4. Use glitter and stickers for decoration, if desired.


  • If your plate is small, glue the cups onto the rim of the plate to spread things out and leave you more surface to decorate.
  • When you’re done with the glitter, shake the excess directly into the garbage can to avoid a big, sparkly mess

Nested Russian Craft Garland Craft

These Matrioska dolls from Russia are a great craft to teach your children how to match by color, design, shape and size.  It is also a great multi-cultural craft to teach children about different toys children play with in different counties. When done, hang them around the room for a classroom decoration.


1.   Print 2 copies the Kraftykid Nested Russian Doll template and cut out.

2.   Have the children cut and put into matching piles.

3.   Take a matching pair and apply glue on both sides (inside).

4.   Stick string in between the two pieces (along the top) and press firmly.

5.   Repeat for each pair leaving about two inches between each set.

6.   Hang them around the room as decoration.

Eagle Mask Craft

Soar With this Easy to Make Eagle Mask Craft

Here is a free, eagle mask craft printable that you can make.  It’s a great choice to celebrate patriotic holidays.  Fringing the paper to look like feathers makes it a more challenging craft and lets kids practice their cutting skills with scissors.

This eagle mask craft is also a good Native American craft used for multi-cultural studies. In the Native American culture the eagle represents freedom and courage, and is considered the protector, carrier of prayers, visions & spirits.

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Native American Flute Craft

The Native American flute is one of the oldest instruments in the world. It was commonly used in ceremonies, or for pure entertainment, depending on the tribe. To create your own craft flute, all you need is an empty paper towel roll, a pencil, a small, square piece of paper and a rubber band. Decorate the paper towel roll using paint or markers. Once it’s dry, use the pencil to poke five to six holes in the roll. Place the paper at one end of the roll, and wrap a rubber band around the edges to secure it in place.

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Native American Dream Catcher Craft

Preschool Craft Kits Ages 3 -6 - Dream CatcherThe Native American tribe, Ojibway, revered dreams.  They saw good dreams as the source of infinite wisdom.  They believed they could protect their young children from bad dreams by hanging woven webs or nets above their beds.  Read the book, Dreamcatchers, by Audrey Osofsky to learn more about the Ojibway Native American custom of hanging dreamcatchers above baby’s bed.

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Indian Corn Jewelry

All the kids love to make necklaces and this necklace made from Indian corn looks like polished stone!  Because you will need to help with the stringing with a needle, you can also opt to make necklaces from different shapes and sizes of macaroni.

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Chinese Lantern Craft

Paper lanterns are a pretty craft to make and a great way for children to practice their cutting skills with scissors.  Use brightly colored papers for a festive effect and hang on yarn to decorate the room.  Adding glitter, sequins, and trim makes them look even more beautiful and the kids will love them.  Consider, using pinking shears or decorative cutting scissors instead of rick rack if trim is hard to find. 

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Pilgrim and Indian Place Card Craft

Kraftykid’s Pilgrim and Indian Place Card craft is one easy kid’s craft and a great way to decorate your Thanksgiving Day table.  With cute little Indian and pilgrim children to draw your kids will have a fun time helping you decorate the table. 

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