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Mr. Marshmallow Head Craft

August celebrates National Toasted Marshmallow Day and this craft is a great choice to celebrate the day. This craft is a take on Mr. Potato Head, but is Mr. Marshmallow Head and oh so much more yummy! Kraftykid’s template has hats, scarf, and eye accessories to dress your marshmallow in style. Just have children draw a face of their choice for added fun. The only white mess they’ll have on their fingers, will be some glue. Marshmallows without the sugar rush!

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Best Friend Fish Craft

August 15 is Best Friend Day and although we love our friends all year long, this day is our special way of letting our friends know how much we care. Of course, remind the children that we’re all friends!

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Patriotic String of Stars Craft

Let the fireworks start! We all love the Fourth of July, and kids are no exception. It’s colorful, it’s fun, and it’s LOUD, what’s not to love! Let the children make a pretty string of stars to use as a decoration, or you can also tie it to use as a necklace.


Kraftykid star template

• Construction paper or cardstock

• Crayons

• Glitter (if desired)

• Plastic straws

• Scissors

• String


1. Print theKraftykid star template.

2. Cut out and color the stars.

3. Decorate with glitter, if desired.

4. Cut the straws into 1 inch pieces.

5. Attach to a string, using one straw, one star, one straw, one star until the string is filled up.

6. Tie at both ends.


Get out the trikes, wagons, bicycles and strollers! Celebrate our freedom! Make many of these strings and make those normal everyday modes of childhood transportation a parade float! Create a parade around the neighborhood. But wait…we have to add some science. What to do with that old sidewalk chalk???

Did you know that if you wet the chalk, it is now a coloring device for hair?? Color the hair and go for the wild parade look!!! It washes out easily and is much safer than colored hair spray and easily stays away from the eyes.

Along with a day of fun and fireworks, take time to teach the children the Pledge of Allegiance. They may not memorize but they should hear it. Not all children in the world have the freedom that we have. Take time to help our children understand how lucky we are to have the choices we have in our country.


Dancing Pig Tambourine Craft

Children love music. Here’s a template for a fun to make tambourine with dancing pigs that says “Listen to the Music.” Color the three little pigs yellow to celebrate Yellow Pig Day. It’s a great way to be silly and kids of course love being silly even more than they love music!


• Paper plates

Kraftykid Dancing Pig template

• Yellow crayons, paint or markers

• Stapler

• Beans or macaroni


1. Print out the Kraftykid Dancing Pig template.

2. Cut out the pigs and “Listen to the Music” saying.

3. Glue to the front of the backside of the first paper plate (the opposite side of where you would place food).

4. Color the pigs yellow.

5. Have the children take a handful of beans or macaroni and place on the second paper plate.

6. Insert the first paper plate that you finished decorating on top.

7. Staple together.

8. Play the tambourine to your favorite music.


Patriotic Pinwheel Craft Printable

Here’s a great craft project to make for the summer. Smaller children may need some assistance to make these, but they are well worth the effort as they can bring them home and play with them. Alternative, you can glue them to a piece of construction paper for the toddler set. Granted, they won’t spin around , but they will still look festive and will be easy enough for even small children to make.

Older children can make these all by themselves with little or no assistance.


Kraftykid Patriotic Pinwheel template

• Scissors

• Glue or tape

• Pencil, stick or dowel


1. Print the Kraftykid Patriotic Pinwheel template.

2. Print project double-sided on single sheet of paper.

3. Cut out around edge.

4. Cut along the red lines.

5. Begin with the pinwheel face down and by folding the upper right corner back into the center and tuck into the slit.

6. Fasten with glue or tape.

7. Repeat with each corner. (Optional: Fasten with a brass brad.)

8. Attach the back center to a pencil, stick, dowel, or other item making sure it is free to spin.


Fun Bug Eye Craft

This is such an adorable craft to make for National Different Colored Eye Day. Have the children color the bug’s eyes any color they want. They can match their own eye color or choose their favorite color. Make sure to teach the children that some very lucky people have two different colored eyes. How special is that?


Kraftykid’s Fun Bug Eye Craft template

• Markers, colored pencils or crayons


1. Print the Kraftykid’s Fun Bug Eye Craft template.

2. Color the bug’s eyes any colors you want. Compare with your own eyes and your classmates’ eyes.


Cinco De Mayo Musical Shakers

Mexicans have a national holiday that is celebrated on the 5th of May, called Cinco De Mayo in memory of the battle fought between Mexico and France in 1862 when Mexico defended a fort in the town of Peubla and won this important battle. The battlefield is now a city park, with a statue of General Zaragoza on horseback.

Today, Cinco de Mayo continues to be celebrated with parades, dancing and specialty foods and is a fun holiday to celebrate with children to help teach diversity. We think these musical shakers are a great choice to tie in with this holiday while at the same time using a craft to help play music! The kids love to play music during their parade around the room.

You can make these shakers using and decorating empty toilet paper rolls, filling them with beans or macaroni, and shaking them to create music for your Cinco de Mayo classroom parade.



  1. Paint the empty toilet paper roll using the red, green, and yellow paint.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Print the Kraftykid Cinco De Mayo Pictures for the musical shaker.
  4. Cut out the pieces and glue to the painted toilet tissue roll.
  5. Fill with beans or macaroni.
  6. Tape or staple the ends of the roll.


Spring Seder Plate Craft

No Seder is complete without a special plate highlighting all of the Passover symbols:

Charoset, a delicious mixture of apples, walnuts, red wine, cinnamon and sugar, symbolizing the mortar used to build Pyramids in ancient Egypt Bitter herbs, usually horseradish, reminding us of the difficulties endured by our ancestors Greens (can be parsley, lettuce or celery), representing spring and a time of new beginnings an Egg, symbolizing the circle of life a Shankbone or neck of poultry, reminding us of the mighty arm of God.



  • One round plastic or sturdy paper plate
  • Five paper muffin cups
  • Craft glue
  • Glitter and stickers if desired
  1. Print the Kraftykid Seder template and cut out the circles to be used inside your muffins cups: Charoset, Bitter herbs, Greens, Egg and Shankbone.
  2. Glue the five cups around the perimeter of your plate using a small dab of white craft glue.
  3. Once the glue has set and the cups are securely fastened to the plate, glue your five circles inside the cups.
  4. Use glitter and stickers for decoration, if desired.


  • If your plate is small, glue the cups onto the rim of the plate to spread things out and leave you more surface to decorate.
  • When you’re done with the glitter, shake the excess directly into the garbage can to avoid a big, sparkly mess

George Washington Mask

Children love to hear all about one of our favorite Presidents, George Washington.  They enjoy hearing that he could not tell a lie when he chopped down the cherry tree.  This is an easy mask to make and they’ll be able to act out some stories, too.  You can let them color the mask, but you’ll have to cut out the eye holes for them.

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Lincoln Handprint Portrait

Trace your child’s handprint to create Lincoln’s beard and cut out and glue the pieces of the template to create your own Mr. Lincoln to celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday.

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