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My Hands Poem

This “My Hands” poem has been around for ages. I’m not sure who the original author is, but you’ve probably made it when you were in preschool! Why change a great thing? They’re sure to be a big hit with the parents and the kids will love making them! Whenever, my kids made handprint crafts in school, they’d come home with huge smiles and say, “This is going to make you cry!!!!!!” and of course they did! This template has small children’s handprints along the border for an added effect.

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Child Artist Notecard Drawings Craft

 Notecards from Children’s Drawings Make Great Gifts

These are fun gifts for your children to make to bring home for the parents or to give as gifts.  My children have made and brought these home different times of the year and I LOVE receiving them..  Have the children draw pictures inside of the frame throughout the month when you have some free time. At the end of the month have them fold the drawings into cards, wrap with cellophane paper,  and tie with a decorative ribbon.  They will be so proud!

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Father’s Day T-Shirt Transfer Craft

Father’s Day Transfer for T-Shirt – Chip off the Old Block

Here’s a really cute idea for Father’s Day, especially if you are short on time.  Couldn’t be easier.  All you need is a printer, T-shirt transfer paper (available at Walmart, Target, craft stores and supply stores), T-shirts (for Dad and child) and an iron.  This transfer was created for Father’s Day t-shirts but also makes a great baby gift for parent and child.  Designed to fit on just one page – the old block for Dad and the chip for the children.  Cut in half and you’ve got a great ” two for one” craft project!

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Father’s Day Dress Shirt Card Craft (Printable)

Father’s Day Card Printable – Dress Shirt with Tie and Hankerchief

This is such an adorable card and craft to make for Father’s Day. It’s fun to decorate any way you like. You can even make it just likeDad’s dress shirt with matching tie, pocket, and hankerchief.  Kraftykid’s Father’s Day Dress Shirt Accessory template includes a tie, buttons, pocket and hankerchief.  But you can use and glue real buttons and real fabric.  Remember, you can dress them up AND you can take them out this Father’s Day!

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Dad’s Checkbook and Coupon Book Cover Craft

Coupon Book Cover Craft Project for Dad

Children love to create gifts! Here’s a template for a checkbook cover or coupon book made especially for Dad. Works well with Dad’s Printable Coupons craft for a great Father’s Day present.

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Father’s Day Coupon Book Craft (Printable)

Print out Redeemable Coupons for Father’s Day Gift

It’s easy to make Dad’s day just a little bit brighter with this easy to print Coupon book for Father’s Day. Make sure to fill it with coupons Dad is sure to love. Car wash, uninterrupted television time, and hugs are especially fun to redeem!

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I Love You Sign Language Craft

Very Cute -  Handprint Craft

It’s Easy to Say I Love You with this Cute Gift Idea!  Personalized with your child’s own handprint, this craft makes a great Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s keepsake gift.

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Shadow Silhoutte Craft

Old Fashioned Silhouttes

Children's Sillhoutte Craft Project

These easy to make silhoutte crafts make beautiful keepsake gifts for the family – especially for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day gifts.  They look very dramatic when cut out of black construction paper and framed.

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I Love Dad Coloring Book (Printable) Craft

Children Love To Create Their Own Books!

I Love Dad Coloring Book

Here’s one just for Dad.  This makes a great present for Father’s Day and sure to bring a smile to his face.

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Handprint and Poem Paper Plate Craft

Handprint and Poem Craft – Can It Get Any Sweeter?

We Love You Mom Craft Project

These early years are such precious times and fly by so fast.  Here’s a poem that can put it in better words than I ever could.  and coupled with your child’s handprint it makes a perfect keepsake gift for someone special.  Great for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just because!

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