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Tin foil and Permanent Marker Abstract Art

My boys made these during summer art camp and I thought they were so simple, but looked so complicated that I wanted to share the idea with you. The crumpled tin foil adds such an interesting three dimensional backdrop for your child’s simple abstract art. It has a real “Wow” factor!

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Snowman Juice Box Craft

This craft is fun way to teach children about reusing objects to make new objects.  Turn an empty juice box into a cute snowman!

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Native American Flute Craft

The Native American flute is one of the oldest instruments in the world. It was commonly used in ceremonies, or for pure entertainment, depending on the tribe. To create your own craft flute, all you need is an empty paper towel roll, a pencil, a small, square piece of paper and a rubber band. Decorate the paper towel roll using paint or markers. Once it’s dry, use the pencil to poke five to six holes in the roll. Place the paper at one end of the roll, and wrap a rubber band around the edges to secure it in place.

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Paper Locker Magnet Organizer Craft

Magnet Organizer for Locker or Refrigerator

It’s easy to get organized with these fun to make magnetic storage units that stick to lockers or refrigerators.

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Apple Craft from Recycled Booklet

Make your own Fall Apple Centerpiece

Recycle an old pamplet, magazine, or booklet into a cute apple that you can use as a centerpiece for your Fall table.

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Frankenstein Treat Holder from Recycled Juice Box

Halloween Craft from Recycled Juice Box

Here’s a really easy and really cute craft project for Halloween. It also doubles as a treat holder for Halloween goodies or as a Halloween table decoration.   What fun your trick or treater will have filling them up.  I think a matching bride is in order, don’t you?

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Bottle Cap Magnetic Letters Alphabet Craft

Turn Bottle Caps into Magnetic Letters

Kraftykid Alphabet Magnet Craft

This is a great recycling craft that doubles as a way to learn the alphabet.  With this fun and easy craft, you will turn hard to recycle plastic caps into a fun way to learn the alphabet and make messages.

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Father’s Day Wind Chimes Craft

Here’s a father’s day gift Dad is sure to appreciate and it’s a great way to reuse some hardware that you have laying around the house, like screws, nails, ect.  Make sure to put it near a window so you’ll be able to hear the chimes when the wind blows.

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