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Dancing Pig Tambourine Craft

Children love music. Here’s a template for a fun to make tambourine with dancing pigs that says “Listen to the Music.” Color the three little pigs yellow to celebrate Yellow Pig Day. It’s a great way to be silly and kids of course love being silly even more than they love music!


• Paper plates

Kraftykid Dancing Pig template

• Yellow crayons, paint or markers

• Stapler

• Beans or macaroni


1. Print out the Kraftykid Dancing Pig template.

2. Cut out the pigs and “Listen to the Music” saying.

3. Glue to the front of the backside of the first paper plate (the opposite side of where you would place food).

4. Color the pigs yellow.

5. Have the children take a handful of beans or macaroni and place on the second paper plate.

6. Insert the first paper plate that you finished decorating on top.

7. Staple together.

8. Play the tambourine to your favorite music.


Cinco De Mayo Musical Shakers

Mexicans have a national holiday that is celebrated on the 5th of May, called Cinco De Mayo in memory of the battle fought between Mexico and France in 1862 when Mexico defended a fort in the town of Peubla and won this important battle. The battlefield is now a city park, with a statue of General Zaragoza on horseback.

Today, Cinco de Mayo continues to be celebrated with parades, dancing and specialty foods and is a fun holiday to celebrate with children to help teach diversity. We think these musical shakers are a great choice to tie in with this holiday while at the same time using a craft to help play music! The kids love to play music during their parade around the room.

You can make these shakers using and decorating empty toilet paper rolls, filling them with beans or macaroni, and shaking them to create music for your Cinco de Mayo classroom parade.



  1. Paint the empty toilet paper roll using the red, green, and yellow paint.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Print the Kraftykid Cinco De Mayo Pictures for the musical shaker.
  4. Cut out the pieces and glue to the painted toilet tissue roll.
  5. Fill with beans or macaroni.
  6. Tape or staple the ends of the roll.


Native American Flute Craft

The Native American flute is one of the oldest instruments in the world. It was commonly used in ceremonies, or for pure entertainment, depending on the tribe. To create your own craft flute, all you need is an empty paper towel roll, a pencil, a small, square piece of paper and a rubber band. Decorate the paper towel roll using paint or markers. Once it’s dry, use the pencil to poke five to six holes in the roll. Place the paper at one end of the roll, and wrap a rubber band around the edges to secure it in place.

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