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Stained Glass Butterfly Craft

These stained glass butterflies look pretty colored with permanent markers and hung in a window where the sun can make them sparkle.

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Cherry Blossom Tissue Paper Branch

In 1912, Washington DC, received a spectacular gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees from Tokyo, Japan. 100 years later, people from all over the world are still enjoying the benefits of this wonderful gift. Talk about the gift that keeps giving! We are going to make our own cherry blossom branch craft using pink, red, and white squares of tissue paper and ‘scrunching’ and gluing them onto an empty branch in honor of one of our nation’s most beloved treasures.

Let’s celebrate Cherry Blossom season!

  • Pink, red, white tissue paper
  • Glue
  1. Print the Kraftykid tree branch template.
  2. Tear the pink, red, white tissue paper into small squares about 1 ½ inch square.
  3. Scrunch the paper together to form a small ball.
  4. Glue to the empty branch.


Snowflake Suncatcher

My children love to make suncatcher crafts from tissue paper. I think it’s because they look so pretty when the sun hits them and makes their efforts pay off, in a big way.

Here’s a really cute one using a snowflake template.

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Tissue Paper Popcorn Pictures

Did you know that January 19th is National Popcorn Day?  The way that kids like popcorn it should be National Popcorn Month.  This is a fun project for kids because, well, it’s Popcorn! And, they also get to tear pieces of yellow tissue paper into small pieces which they love to do!


1.   Print out the Kraftykid popcorn bag template and cut out the popcorn bag.

2.   Glue the popcorn bag onto the piece of construction paper.

3.   Tear pieces of yellow tissue paper into small squares about 2 inches by 2 inches and create a pile for each child.

4.  Scrunch the tissue paper into a ball and glue onto the paper so that you fill up the popcorn bag with popcorn.

Tissue Paper Corn on the Cob Craft

Tissue Paper Craft Improves Hand Dexterity Skills for Preschoolers

Tissue Paper crafts are great crafts to use with preschoolers.  They aren’t too messy and it takes a while to form little balls of tissue paper and glue to the paper.  It’s also a good way for them to practice hand dexterity skills while creating nice, three dimensional results. This particular craft is a good example of abstract art.

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Tissue Paper Shamrock Mobile

My children love to make suncatcher crafts from tissue paper.  I think it’s because they look so pretty when the sun hits them and makes their efforts pay off, in a big way.

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Suncatcher Craft Project (Printables)

Fun and Easy to Make Tissue Paper Sun Catcher

Here’s a fun sunny sun catcher craft for you to make. We used shades of orange and yellow tissue paper with just a hint of blue but you can create your own sun catcher using any craps of tissue paper, glue and construction paper that you have at home

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Tissue Paper Stained Glass Pumpkin Craft

Downloadable Tissue Paper Pumpkin Project

Want a great idea for orange tissue paper?  How about a tissue paper pumpkin craft?  Easy and fun, this project is perfect for some Halloween fun and Thanksgiving cheer.

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Olympic Torch Craft

Make Your Own Torch for the Olympics

Here’s a fun craft for the kids to celebrate the Olympic Games!

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