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Parrot Toilet Paper Roll Puppet Craft

Rumor has it that toilet paper rolls are here to stay! Good thing, too. What would happen to all of these cool toilet paper roll crafts? This parrot is bold, bright, and colorful – just like our preschoolers! The more colorful, the better so make sure to add lots of primary color feathers and paint the toilet paper roll green, red or blue! Kids will like to play with them as a puppet by inserting their fingers into the roll. Cawww.. Caww…..Polly wants a cracker!

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Angel Cat Puppet

August 22 is Be an Angel Day. Not that YOUR kids aren’t angles EVERY day, right? This popsicle puppet is a cute take on angels, since it’s an angel kitten. Animals can be angels too!

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Build a Scarecrow Craft

Did you know that July 1st is Build a Scarecrow Day?  We know it’s not Fall, but it is Build a Scarecrow Day, so let’s be silly and get our seasons mixed up and build a scarecrow in summer.  We have a little pattern to make the clothes for your scarecrow too, to make it easy for your kids. Just print, color, and glue onto a craft stick.  Have children draw a silly face.

  • Craft stick
  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Raffia, if desired
  • Markers (for face)
  • Instructions:
  1. Print the Kraftykid Build a Scarecrow Clothes template
  2. Cut out clothes and have children color with their crayons.
  3. Glue to the front of the craft stick.
  4. Draw a face with the markers.
  5. Glue raffia to the scarecrow if desired.
  6. Write their name in black permanent marker and don’t forget to add the date!

Shark Paper Bag Puppet

This shark craft is sure to be a pleaser for the kids. What’s really interesting about this craft is that by cutting out a triangle for the mouth you get to reuse it for the fin! What a fun way to teach shapes to the kids. Triangle teeth and a triangle fin on the body. Maybe we should rename it the triangle fish, what do you think?


Kraftykid’s free, downloadable Shark template

• White envelope (business or legal size)

• Gray and black oil pastels

• Tape


1. Print the Kraftykid’s free, downloadable Shark template.

2. Cut the shark pieces (teeth, and small fin).

3. Color the envelope with gray pastel or crayon. Hint: If you can find gray legal envelopes you can have the kids skip this step.

4. Cut a triangle from one of the short edges to make the mouth.

5. Tape the triangle to the top as the fin.

6. Glue the teeth inside of the shark’s mouth.

7. Glue the small fin to the side of the shark.

8. Use the black pastel to draw an eye, eyebrow, and details for the fin.

9. Trim off the edge of the envelope opposite of the mouth, making an opening for your hand.

10. Put your hand in the puppet to make your shark move (watch your fingers of course. It is a shark after all ).


Accordian Elephant Puppet

It’s a day at the circus!  This cute circus elephant is even cuter when children add an piece of paper between the front and back in an accordian pattern fashion.  Using craft sticks at the front and the back allow children to use this as a puppet.

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Armed Forces People Puppets

Here’s a patriotic craft to make for National Freedom Day.  This easy to make puppet from an empty toilet paper roll will let children create people puppets for the Navy and Army.  It’s a great craft to celebrate our National Holidays.  Instead of drawing a face, use a photo of your favorite person serving in the Navy or Army.


Groundhog Shadow Puppets

Here is a fun craft for the kids to make to celebrate Groundhog Day.  Simple and easy, just the way we like it!

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Angry Bird Moveable Puppet

Kids are using video games earlier and earlier and Angry Birds seems to be one of their all time favorites.  Here is a Angry Bird puppet that they can make that will move.


1.   Print theKraftykid Angry Bird Moveable Puppet template and cut out the pieces (body, beak, eyes, eyebrows, tan circle, and legs.)

2.   Glue the pieces to look like the Angry Bird, (3 tail feathers, eyes, eyebrows at a slant, tan circle, and beak).

3.   Fasten the legs at the bottom of the bird’s body using the paper fasteners.

4.   Add red feathers at the crown of the head, if desired.

5.   Have the children move the bird’s legs side to side.

4H Hen, Rooster, and Duck Paper Bag Puppets

Everyone’s A Winner with this 4H Craft Idea!

These easy to make puppets from paper bags can be used to introduce the fowl family to your preschoolers:  goose, hen, and rooster.  Let the children color them in and then apply to a paper bag so they can practice their animal sounds.

And because, they have created such perfect works of art, allow them to attach a 4H first place winner on their puppets’ necks.

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Heartfelt Owl Craft with Moveable Head Printable

Make an Owl From Hearts

I love this little owl project.  It’s made entirely from different sized hearts, from its head to its toes!  Using contrasting scrapbook paper makes it look even cuter.  But what’s really a hoot, is that by using a paper fastener to connect the beak to the body allows the owl’s head to move from side to side, just like the real deal!


  • Kraftykid heartfelt owl template
  • Construction paper or coordinating scrapbook paper
  • Googley eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Brad or paper fastener


  1. Print the Kraftykid heartfelt owl template and cut out the hearts.
  2. Paste the two largerst hearts together with the points facing out.
  3. Bring the top point down to form the beak.
  4. Fasten with paper fastener.
  5. Paste eyes and feet on.
  6. Add googley eyes.
  7. If desired add some feathers.

Write a message like, “Guess, WHOOO loves you?  I do!

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