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Mr. Marshmallow Head Craft

August celebrates National Toasted Marshmallow Day and this craft is a great choice to celebrate the day. This craft is a take on Mr. Potato Head, but is Mr. Marshmallow Head and oh so much more yummy! Kraftykid’s template has hats, scarf, and eye accessories to dress your marshmallow in style. Just have children draw a face of their choice for added fun. The only white mess they’ll have on their fingers, will be some glue. Marshmallows without the sugar rush!

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Parrot Toilet Paper Roll Puppet Craft

Rumor has it that toilet paper rolls are here to stay! Good thing, too. What would happen to all of these cool toilet paper roll crafts? This parrot is bold, bright, and colorful – just like our preschoolers! The more colorful, the better so make sure to add lots of primary color feathers and paint the toilet paper roll green, red or blue! Kids will like to play with them as a puppet by inserting their fingers into the roll. Cawww.. Caww…..Polly wants a cracker!

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Outerspace Rocket Photo Craft

Did you know that August 24th celebrates Pluto Demoted Day? Although, I’m sure Pluto is none too pleased about the change of events and doesn’t find it a day to celebrate! Here is an adorable outer space craft that you can print and insert each child’s headshot inside the rocket for an out of this world craft that’s personalized.

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Lightning Bug in Jar Craft

This is a great summer time craft since lightning bugs should be plentiful. And it’s so easy to collect fireflies, when all you need to do is cut them out from the template and glue them inside the jar. Use fluorescence yellow paint and press on the yellow portion of the bug and they’ll even glow in the dark, just like the real deal. Count them to see how many you have!

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Best Friend Fish Craft

August 15 is Best Friend Day and although we love our friends all year long, this day is our special way of letting our friends know how much we care. Of course, remind the children that we’re all friends!

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Paper Doll Bear Craft

Here’s one for bear and pirate lovers! Simply cut out the pieces from the Kraftykid Bear Pirate template and cut out the clothes dress with the bear to look like a pirate. Think of it as paper dolls with attitude! Why not finish up with a pirate party where all your kids bring in their favorite stuffed animal and decorate them as a pirate with eye patches and bandannas?

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Poodle Cotton Ball Craft

Here comes the dog show. This perfect little poodle pedigree is as cute as can be! Add some cotton balls to look like the real deal!

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Watermelon Frame Craft

August and watermelon, go hand in hand, don’t they? Our Kraftykid Watermelon Picture Frame template, makes a quick summertime craft for your kids.

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Count to Eight Spider Craft

August 1 is National Spiderman Day, so let’s make a spider to celebrate. This spider is great for preschoolers because he knows how to count to eight, one for each leg. He also likes to eat cupcakes too! Yum, this spider has good taste, doesn’t he?

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Patriotic String of Stars Craft

Let the fireworks start! We all love the Fourth of July, and kids are no exception. It’s colorful, it’s fun, and it’s LOUD, what’s not to love! Let the children make a pretty string of stars to use as a decoration, or you can also tie it to use as a necklace.


Kraftykid star template

• Construction paper or cardstock

• Crayons

• Glitter (if desired)

• Plastic straws

• Scissors

• String


1. Print theKraftykid star template.

2. Cut out and color the stars.

3. Decorate with glitter, if desired.

4. Cut the straws into 1 inch pieces.

5. Attach to a string, using one straw, one star, one straw, one star until the string is filled up.

6. Tie at both ends.


Get out the trikes, wagons, bicycles and strollers! Celebrate our freedom! Make many of these strings and make those normal everyday modes of childhood transportation a parade float! Create a parade around the neighborhood. But wait…we have to add some science. What to do with that old sidewalk chalk???

Did you know that if you wet the chalk, it is now a coloring device for hair?? Color the hair and go for the wild parade look!!! It washes out easily and is much safer than colored hair spray and easily stays away from the eyes.

Along with a day of fun and fireworks, take time to teach the children the Pledge of Allegiance. They may not memorize but they should hear it. Not all children in the world have the freedom that we have. Take time to help our children understand how lucky we are to have the choices we have in our country.


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