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Chinese Lantern Craft

Paper lanterns are a pretty craft to make and a great way for children to practice their cutting skills with scissors.  Use brightly colored papers for a festive effect and hang on yarn to decorate the room.  Adding glitter, sequins, and trim makes them look even more beautiful and the kids will love them.  Consider, using pinking shears or decorative cutting scissors instead of rick rack if trim is hard to find. 

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Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher Origami Craft

I have such fond memories of making these as a kid and my kids love making them too.  In fact, their entire class was making and playing with them for weeks.  It’s hard to stop once you start.

They are really easy, and kids of all ages will enjoy inventing funny sayings to write as fortunes. They are a quick and fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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Lucky Star Origami Craft

These are one of our favorite crafts to make. They are a little challenging to learn at first and may take several tries, but guaranteed by the 5th or 6th you’ll be cranking them out like a lucky star origami factory!


Cut paper into strips about 1/2 wide and 12 inches long.

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