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Make a Groucho Marx Face Mask

Children love to laugh and this silly little Groucho  Marx mask will hit the mark in that arena.  Use multi-cultural crayons, markers, or paints to color the noses in a blend of colors. Use pastels to color the eyebrows and mustache to give it an old-fashioned hand tinted look.

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George Washington Mask

Children love to hear all about one of our favorite Presidents, George Washington.  They enjoy hearing that he could not tell a lie when he chopped down the cherry tree.  This is an easy mask to make and they’ll be able to act out some stories, too.  You can let them color the mask, but you’ll have to cut out the eye holes for them.

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Create Your Own Superhero Identity

Kids love pretend play and superheroes are a costume of choice, especially for boys.  This craft allows your kids to create their own Superhero Identity, complete with badges, mask, cuffs, and more.  Be prepared for an afternoon of play and imagination!

Fill out your Superhero ID Card with your personal information on both sides.  Use some glue to keep them together.  Keep it in a safe spot.  You don’t want to wear it or everyone will know you’re a Superhero .  That will ruin your secret identity!



1.   Print out the Kraftykid Superhero Identity template.

2.   Fill out your Superhero Identity form.

3.   Cut out your badge and fill out.

4.   Put length of string inside the two badges and glue together.

5.   Press, and let dry.  Tie around your neck.

6.   Cut out the cuffs and color with markers,

7.   Staple around children’s wrists.

8.   Cut out mask and decorate with markers.

Make two holes with hole puncher and insert and tie elastic in both holes.

Eagle Mask Craft

Soar With this Easy to Make Eagle Mask Craft

Here is a free, eagle mask craft printable that you can make.  It’s a great choice to celebrate patriotic holidays.  Fringing the paper to look like feathers makes it a more challenging craft and lets kids practice their cutting skills with scissors.

This eagle mask craft is also a good Native American craft used for multi-cultural studies. In the Native American culture the eagle represents freedom and courage, and is considered the protector, carrier of prayers, visions & spirits.

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Leprechaun Mask Craft

This leprechaun mask is a fun and easy craft and perfect for a classroom St. Patrick’s Day party. It doubles as a craft and a party favor and the kids will have a blast wearing them. Also perfect for a class photo.

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Superhero Mask Craft

This mask template can be used for lots of different reasons and is just right for a Superhero mask.

  • Superhero mask template
  • Scissors,
  • Crayons, markers, paint, glitter, sequins, feathers, beads
  • Holepuncher
  • Elastic

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