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My Hands Poem

This “My Hands” poem has been around for ages. I’m not sure who the original author is, but you’ve probably made it when you were in preschool! Why change a great thing? They’re sure to be a big hit with the parents and the kids will love making them! Whenever, my kids made handprint crafts in school, they’d come home with huge smiles and say, “This is going to make you cry!!!!!!” and of course they did! This template has small children’s handprints along the border for an added effect.

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Lightning Bug in Jar Craft

This is a great summer time craft since lightning bugs should be plentiful. And it’s so easy to collect fireflies, when all you need to do is cut them out from the template and glue them inside the jar. Use fluorescence yellow paint and press on the yellow portion of the bug and they’ll even glow in the dark, just like the real deal. Count them to see how many you have!

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Learn Left from Right with Handprint Craft

August 13 is left-handers day and gives a chance to celebrate the uniqueness of all left-handers! Have children either stamp or paint their handprints on to a piece of construction paper and then write the letter “L” and the letter “R” for left and right on the appropriate handprint. Make sure the children look at their own hands while doing this. Here’s good tip and one that worked with my kids. Have each child put their hands on the table, palm down with fingers spread wide. Show them that their thumb and pointer finger on their left hand can form the letter “L”. What an easy way to figure out their left hands from their right. Once they know which hand their left and, it’s a cinch to figure out which hand is their right.

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Easter Chick Handprint Craft

This little yellow Easter chick handprint craft is just too cute!  And movable too! We love handprint crafts so much that we try to include one each month.  Parents and grandparents love to receive them as gifts and they make great keepsake gifts. The fact that this craft is movable, makes it great fun to play with too.

  • handprint-chick-craft
  • 2 sheets of yellow construction paper
  • 2 paper fasteners
  • 2 large wiggley eyes
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors
  1. Trace child’s hands onto yellow construction paper and cut out.
  2. Print the Kraftykid Easter chick template and cut out the pieces.
  3. Position the wings (children’s handprints) on the oval with the fingers facing away from the body.
  4. Attach the wings to the body by pushing the fasteners through the construction paper.  Hint:  Poke a hole through the paper with a sharp pencil.
  5. Fold the diamond in half to create the beak and glue one side of the diamond to the oval so that the beak is three dimensional and can open and close.
  6. Glue wiggley eyes above the beak.
  7. Position the legs under the oval. When you have them where you want them, glue them in place.
  8. Glue the feet onto the legs.

Black Eyes Susan Handprint Craft

Here is another fun handprint craft to make to celebrate Spring! Made with yellow and brown construction paper, this will allow children to make a ‘real’ flower, one that they will be able to see growing wild and in gardens.

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Lincoln Handprint Portrait

Trace your child’s handprint to create Lincoln’s beard and cut out and glue the pieces of the template to create your own Mr. Lincoln to celebrate Lincoln’s Birthday.

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Handprint Plaque

Create a hand printed poem (perfect for gift-giving) with your child’s handprint.  This is a great keepsake for parents and other relatives to remember this precious time with their child.  They grow up so fast L:!

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Handprint 2017 Calendar

This calendar is inspired by my son’s preschool class. It has been adapted for use here.


1.   Print out the Kraftykid 2017 Handprint Calendar template
2.   Using your child’s hands and paint – decorate each of the pages. You can make a Turkey for November, finger prints for the sheep, a handprint for a tree or flower, finger prints for rain, or anything you can imagine!
3.   Punch holes and thread yarn through to bind.

Hang and use every day!

Thumbprint Notepad Craft

These are fun gifts for your children to make to bring home for the parents or to give as gifts.  My children have made and brought these home different times of the year and I LOVE receiving them.  Have the children make thumbprint designs on some cardstock and then draw pictures around their thumbprint designs.  When you collect a few different styles, fold the drawings into cards, wrap with cellophane paper, and tie with a decorative ribbon.  They will be so proud!

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Fall Handprint Tree with Fingerprint Leaves Craft

Handprint Keepsake Craft Project

Handprint and thumbprint crafts are some of my favorites because they become real keepsake crafts for the family or are great ‘giveaway’ gifts to relatives. You’ve got to love a craft that combines both!

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