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Black Eyes Susan Handprint Craft

Here is another fun handprint craft to make to celebrate Spring! Made with yellow and brown construction paper, this will allow children to make a ‘real’ flower, one that they will be able to see growing wild and in gardens.

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Paper Poinsettia Craft

These Paper Poinsettia Flowers are so easy to make and turn out really cute.  They make a great cutting exercise for little children and look really pretty when hung up around the room for the Winter holiday or placed on the Christmas tree as ornaments. They also make pretty and attractive gift tags for the children to use when making and wrapping holiday presents. Our template is for 3 1/2 inch petals but you can make them as large or as small as you need.  You could even make them small enough to use as pencil toppers.

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Rainbow Sponge Painting With Flower Borders

Make a Rainbow Painting with Sponges

This is such an easy craft and makes such a dramatic effect that it will look like magic to toddlers, and maybe you too!. This also makes a really easy face painting idea to put a rainbow on the cheek, ankle or wrist and you don’t even need to be artistic to do a great job. Just load up a sponge with the face paints in the color of the rainbow and drag. It’s really just that simple!

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Spring Basket with Flowers Craft

These colorful Easter baskets are a real cinch to make when you use Kraftykid’s template with flowers and basket included.  You can fill it with Easter grass or raffia and fill with jelly beans or other candy.  These are fun for kids to make for the classroom.  Read More

Paper Poppy Craft

Red Paper Poppies Craft Project

These paper poppies are really easy to make and are a fun patriotic craft to do for Memorial Day.

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Paper Flowers Craft – No. 1

Pretty Paper Flower Craft Project

Paper Flower Craft Idea - Step 6

Here’s a simple and easy paper flower craft project that will produce some pretty flowers to put in a vase.   Florists say that odd numbers make the best bouquets.  What do you think?

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