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Tin foil and Permanent Marker Abstract Art

My boys made these during summer art camp and I thought they were so simple, but looked so complicated that I wanted to share the idea with you. The crumpled tin foil adds such an interesting three dimensional backdrop for your child’s simple abstract art. It has a real “Wow” factor!

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Outer Space Drawing

This craft combines painting, drawing and assemblying techniques for children. Using bold, colorful paints, markers, and crayons really makes the picture ‘pop.’ You can use the Kraftykid template and have children cut and paste or better yet, have them make their own.


Kraftykid Outer Space Drawing template

• Scissors

• Glue

• White Construction paper

• Sponge

• Gray paint

• Bold colorful paints, markers or crayons

• Black permanent marker

• 3-D dots


1. Print out the Kraftykid Outer Space Drawing template and cut out the pieces.

2. Have children color the images with their bold paints, marker, or crayons. Or alternatively, have children make and draw their own rockets, planets, and stars.

3. With gray paint, sponge the white construction paper to give a mottled effect for the sky.

4. Glue the decorated pieces onto the ‘sky’ using 3-d dots to give them a multi-dimensional effect.


Magic Photo Art

This craft is fun because it gives the children a chance to go through old magazines and pick out their favorite pictures.  It’s fun to see their amazement as they transform black and white photos into impressive works of art!  We used a picture of a blue jay and then used pastel chalk.  It looks like an old fashioned hand-colored color photo.  I bet making copies of children’s photos and copying them in black and white and then coloring them with pastels would look like a hand colored portrait.

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Thumbprint Notepad Craft

These are fun gifts for your children to make to bring home for the parents or to give as gifts.  My children have made and brought these home different times of the year and I LOVE receiving them.  Have the children make thumbprint designs on some cardstock and then draw pictures around their thumbprint designs.  When you collect a few different styles, fold the drawings into cards, wrap with cellophane paper, and tie with a decorative ribbon.  They will be so proud!

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Swirling Art Prints

Use Shaving Cream to Create Marbelized Prints


Sometimes it’s the simple things that turn out to be the best and this art project fits the bill.  Swirl paints look like magic when you make them and are sure to amaze your kids.  Try framing them or mounting them on a black background to make them really ‘pop” or create a set of unique notecards.  We got a little carried away and even tye dyed a shirt.  So much fun!

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Fall Handprint Tree with Fingerprint Leaves Craft

Handprint Keepsake Craft Project

Handprint and thumbprint crafts are some of my favorites because they become real keepsake crafts for the family or are great ‘giveaway’ gifts to relatives. You’ve got to love a craft that combines both!

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Rainbow Sponge Painting With Flower Borders

Make a Rainbow Painting with Sponges

This is such an easy craft and makes such a dramatic effect that it will look like magic to toddlers, and maybe you too!. This also makes a really easy face painting idea to put a rainbow on the cheek, ankle or wrist and you don’t even need to be artistic to do a great job. Just load up a sponge with the face paints in the color of the rainbow and drag. It’s really just that simple!

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Jell-o Heart Painting for Toddlers

Valentine’s Day celebrations for toddlers can be kept simple and this Valentine’s Day heart craft made from jell-o fits the bill.  It’s easy to make and smells great too.  

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Spider Photo Craft

Children’s Photo Hanging Spider Craft

Kids just love this Halloween spider craft. It’s fun to see themselves as a hanging spider. This is a perfect Halloween school craft. We made them in my son’s classroom and hung them in the hallway with spider webs. They loved it!

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Frankenstein Treat Holder from Recycled Juice Box

Halloween Craft from Recycled Juice Box

Here’s a really easy and really cute craft project for Halloween. It also doubles as a treat holder for Halloween goodies or as a Halloween table decoration.   What fun your trick or treater will have filling them up.  I think a matching bride is in order, don’t you?

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