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Tin foil and Permanent Marker Abstract Art

My boys made these during summer art camp and I thought they were so simple, but looked so complicated that I wanted to share the idea with you. The crumpled tin foil adds such an interesting three dimensional backdrop for your child’s simple abstract art. It has a real “Wow” factor!

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Stained Glass Butterfly Craft

These stained glass butterflies look pretty colored with permanent markers and hung in a window where the sun can make them sparkle.

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Hotdog and Dauchsand Card

Make Your Own Hot Dog Card

Today is National Hot Dog Day. Try coloring this card with pastels or crayons and use it as a visual aid to explain to your kids that a dachshund is sometimes called a hot dog. Ask them if they know why. Yup, because it’s a similar shape. Can they think of any other things that look like different shapes, such as what can items can they name that look like a circle (moon, pizza, ect.). How about a rectangle? Look around in the classroom and see what they can find. Follow it up, with this silly little frankfurter joke:

Q: What did the Mama Hot Dog say to the little frankfurter?

A: Ketch-up

Make sure you let the kids know that eating hot dogs is no joking matter. They are one of the number one choking hazards for small children. Teach them that they need to chew carefully before swallowing!


Kraftykid Hot Dog Card template

• Pastels or crayons


• Print the Kraftykid Hot Dog Card template

• Color using pastels or crayons.



Fun Bug Eye Craft

This is such an adorable craft to make for National Different Colored Eye Day. Have the children color the bug’s eyes any color they want. They can match their own eye color or choose their favorite color. Make sure to teach the children that some very lucky people have two different colored eyes. How special is that?


Kraftykid’s Fun Bug Eye Craft template

• Markers, colored pencils or crayons


1. Print the Kraftykid’s Fun Bug Eye Craft template.

2. Color the bug’s eyes any colors you want. Compare with your own eyes and your classmates’ eyes.


Outer Space Drawing

This craft combines painting, drawing and assemblying techniques for children. Using bold, colorful paints, markers, and crayons really makes the picture ‘pop.’ You can use the Kraftykid template and have children cut and paste or better yet, have them make their own.


Kraftykid Outer Space Drawing template

• Scissors

• Glue

• White Construction paper

• Sponge

• Gray paint

• Bold colorful paints, markers or crayons

• Black permanent marker

• 3-D dots


1. Print out the Kraftykid Outer Space Drawing template and cut out the pieces.

2. Have children color the images with their bold paints, marker, or crayons. Or alternatively, have children make and draw their own rockets, planets, and stars.

3. With gray paint, sponge the white construction paper to give a mottled effect for the sky.

4. Glue the decorated pieces onto the ‘sky’ using 3-d dots to give them a multi-dimensional effect.


Pair of Mittens Craft

Mitten crafts are so cute and this one is no exception.  The kids will love connecting their red mittens with yarn.  Guess, what, kids?  Now they can’t get lost!

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Snowman Family Gift Card Craft

This is a fun coloring activity for preschoolers.  They are all used to snowmen but here we have a snowman family, complete with junior. Glue them onto cardstock and they can use them as gift tags for the holidays.

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Magic Photo Art

This craft is fun because it gives the children a chance to go through old magazines and pick out their favorite pictures.  It’s fun to see their amazement as they transform black and white photos into impressive works of art!  We used a picture of a blue jay and then used pastel chalk.  It looks like an old fashioned hand-colored color photo.  I bet making copies of children’s photos and copying them in black and white and then coloring them with pastels would look like a hand colored portrait.

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Superhero Coloring Pages

Here is a famous trio of superheros to print and color.

Kraftykid’s superhero coloring pages template includes Spiderman, Superman and Batman. Printables for your favorite superhero lover!

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Thanksgiving Day Pilgrim and Indian Coloring Page

Here is a collection of Thanksgiving Day images to color.  We have Pilgrims, Native American Indians, and turkeys.  Print out a few and place them on the table so little crafters will have something to do while you finish cooking!  Happy Thanksgiving! 

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