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Stuffed Baby Animals Coloring Book

Here’s a cute, little coloring booklet full of baby animals, preschoolers favorites. Baby elephants, hippos, tigers, and more, this book will keep them busy coloring for hours. Just print and color and reinforce learning the names of all of the kid’s favorite animals. Make sure you “roar like a lion”, “baa like a lamb”, “walk like a penguin” and more. This is also a good craft that they can take home and share with their family.

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Opposites Book

January 31 is Opposite Day and kids just love this day because they think it’s so funny.  Try teaching them what opposite means with some easy examples, like turning the light in the room on/off, sitting in their chairs and standing up, or having their eyes open and closed.  Once they understand the basics, have them make their own Opposite Book.


1.   Print the Kraftykid Opposites Book template and fold the paper in half and punch three holes on the side.  Add as many blank pages as you want.

2.   Use the yarn or ribbon to bind the book, by running a piece of the yarn or ribbon through each hole and tying it. You can also staple the pages together, instead of using the hole punch, yarn, or ribbon.

3.   Use the Kraftykid sample Black/White as a way to explain opposites.  Do the next couple of pages together. Start with easy concepts, like hot and cold and have them draw something hot and something cold into the second page of their book.

4.   Continue with more opposite pairs, like big and small, soft and hard, ect.

5.   Once they understand the concept of opposites, they can continue on their own.

6.   When they are finished drawing the pictures, let your students color them.

7.  Let them share their examples with their classmates.

Handprint 2017 Calendar

This calendar is inspired by my son’s preschool class. It has been adapted for use here.


1.   Print out the Kraftykid 2017 Handprint Calendar template
2.   Using your child’s hands and paint – decorate each of the pages. You can make a Turkey for November, finger prints for the sheep, a handprint for a tree or flower, finger prints for rain, or anything you can imagine!
3.   Punch holes and thread yarn through to bind.

Hang and use every day!

About Me Book Craft

Record Childhood Memories in the About Me Craft Book

Your child create their very own book about “ME”. In this book they can draw pictures about themselves, their favorite toys, activities, friends, and family! I love this book – it’s certainly going to be a keepsake in my treasure chest for years to come!

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Martial Arts Coloring Book (Printables)

Crayon imageFive Famous Animal Forms in Martial Arts Coloring Book – There are five famous animal forms in martial arts. There is an interesting story about how these animal forms came to be.

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I Love Mom Coloring Book Craft

Children Love To Create Their Own Books!

I Love Mom Craft Project

Here’s one just for Mom.  Color, paint, or add stickers – this book is sure to bring a smile to her face  Isn’t it fun to create a moment remembered for a lifetime?

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I Love Dad Coloring Book (Printable) Craft

Children Love To Create Their Own Books!

I Love Dad Coloring Book

Here’s one just for Dad.  This makes a great present for Father’s Day and sure to bring a smile to his face.

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Recycling Coloring Book Craft (Printable)

It’s Easy To Learn About Recycling With Our Recycling Coloring Book

Recycling Coloring Book

This book titled “I Recycle” will help your children to understand what it means to recycle.

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Flower Coloring Book Craft (Printable)

Children Love To Create Their Own Books!

Flower Coloring Book

Here’s one about growing flowers. Couple this with a real planting experience to create a moment remembered for a lifetime.

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1st Day of School – Coloring Book Craft (Printable)

Document School Days with Coloring Book Project

First Day of School Coloring Book Craft

Have your child color their first day of school experience. Not only is a book a great communication tool, it will also be a book to cherish as they grow.

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