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Multi-cultural Craft Supplies

Learn Diversity Through Multi-Cultural Craft Supplies!

At Krafty Kid we know that arts and crafts are a fantastic way to help your children’s imagination grow.  Not only does it improve children’s cutting, gluing, and coloring skills, but it helps little minds grow and learn as well.  We are really excited about offering our new line of multi-cultural arts and crafts supplies.  We will continue to look for as many supplies, kits, craft ideas  and projects that are representative of all cultures as we can find .  Many of these items are hard to find in most stores because they are so unique.

You can choose from an assortment of multicultural arts and crafts materials at Kraftykid.  You will find multicultural paper, crayons, washable markers, pencils, modeling clay, paint, felt figures…and a whole lot more!

We think providing our children with supplies that will make their artwork more representative of the real world is a great life lesson learned through multicultural art and art supplies. Kraftykid’s multi-cultural supplies include a variety of media, such as markers, paints, crayons, and felt comprised of several different skin tone colors. Although children may not be old enough to really understand the concept behind the difference between cultures and races, they will be able to understand that this difference is normal, especially when working with various multicultural media over and over.

Krafty kid just loves this line of arts and crafts supplies – it’s a multi-cultural selection of craft supplies that we hope will continue to grow!